Hot Tools Curling Iron 1 ¼ Inch

This iron is completely packed with all the features that a professional would look for in his salon. For example, its patented pulse auto heat control, its functionality lies in the fact that it can sense heat loss and immediately regenerate heat to create long lasting curls for longer duration. You need not worry about the barrel temperature that remains constant.

An attractive 24K gold plated barrel along with extra long cool tip is the highlight of the product. Apart from that, safety and comfort features like foldaway safety stand, ergonomic sure-grip comfort handle, powerful spring clamp and resilient 8-ft swivel cord scores a good rank for the device. The capacity range of the iron is 120V and it has different on/off switch with rheostat that can store the most commonly used heat setting.  Long lasting heating element also gives its best to make your job easier.

Hot tools curling iron 1 ¼ inch is one pro iron for experts, a must-have if you are serious with your salon career. It works great for long or short, colored or non-colored, mainly to keep your frizzy hair at bay.

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