How to Buy the Best Ski Jackets in the Market?

A ski jacket keeps a skier warm under extreme weather conditions; if you’re planning to go skiing, this is the most important thing that you need to purchase. The jacket needs to be hardwearing, comfortable, and practical, making you look great on slopes, and rides. If the jacket that you’re wearing fails to keep you warm or dry, you won’t have as much fun otherwise. When you are looking for snowboard clothing, ski jacket should be in your priority list. It should be versatile, functional, and practical enough, so that you can cope up with surrounding conditions.

You can find hundreds of snowboard and ski jackets in the market; they vary in style, design, and pattern. Here are few things to consider when purchasing a ski jacket.

Choose a Versatile Option

You can’t predict weather in the mountains or resorts as it can change quickly. Having a jacket can make you adjust with the conditions there and help to keep your body temperature in the right range. A jacket with pit zips facilitates easy and quick ventilation to protect you from overheating and since they come with arm pits, you would be protected from falling to snow. Most jackets come with insulation; buy a ski jacket with zip-out insulating lining as a versatile choice, which can be used for spring and winter skiing.

Extra Features

A good addition to both men and women’s ski jacket is a powder skirt, which is an interior feature that holds snug tight at waist. A pass holder can keep your ticket safely, without flapping around the air. Look for interior pockets so that you can keep your phone or digital camera safely. A large exterior compartment is ideal for keeping balaclava and gloves.


You can find jackets in longer length that can cover up your back, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

A ski jacket is usually expensive in comparison to other types of sportswear and hence you should make your selection smartly. You can buy a shell jacket as it is durable thin layer, waterproof, and breathable. It shields you against rain, wind and there are layers to control the temperature.

Choice of Brand

You need to be very careful, when buying branded ski jacket; Duck And Cover has etched its reputation in the fashion and clothing industry by offering quality, distinctive range of designer clothes. It is known for great winter, autumn coats, Duck And Cover Jackets of premium quality and excellent detailing. Consider the materials used and other important things, such as breathable and waterproof technical specifications to make an informed decision.

Colour Selection

Having a ski jacket in bright colour can set you apart from the crowd; stay away from greens, reds, and blues that will make you look like a ski instructor. Mint, burnt orange and emerald colours look great on slopes.

Buying a ski jacket means you’re paying for breathability, waterproof quality, durability, and technology. So, keep all these in mind to make the right choice, and pick a ski jacket that serves all your needs and fits the bill too. 

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